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Value Recovery

Wisetek are leaders in the Circular Economy and, as such, prioritise the reuse of material above all else. 

Our operation is designed to process used equipment in the same environment as that in which it was created. All of our ESD approved facilities work to lean sigma disciplines, meaning that equipment is disassembled in the same way that it was assembled - achieving optimal financial return. 

Wisetek Process Flow ITAD 


Reuse of equipment for its original purpose achieves the highest possible sustainability levels within your business. Wisetek processed components are indistinguishable in form and function from "new" parts and can be reused within your operations, either in new systems or for spares inventory.



Wisetek has developed a global network of specialist IT firms that purchase Wisetek processed systems and components. These companies recognise Wisetek to be a dependable source of high quality processed products made available from our prestigious customer base of leading IT industry brands. The dedicated Wisetek remarketing team have established very high customer satisfaction levels across the globe, testament to which is the high level of repeat business generated from the global buyer network. 

WisetekMarket is a secure, global platform for the purchase of Wisetek refurbished IT equipment. Wisetek are recognised by our client base of global IT manufacturers as a highly trusted remarketing agent for used products, components and excess materials. 



Wisetek was founded with objective of supporting our client companies to fully comply with the demands of the stringent European legal directives for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). This is strictly enforced across the IT industry. However, Wisetek have always considered these legal recycling requirements as the minimum level of sustainability performance that we wish to deliver on behalf of our clients.



Our industry leading environmental standards are now well recognised through our policies of:

  • Zero Landfill dumping of waste material 
  • Innovations in identifying new reuse applications for previously considered e-scrap material
  • Program of strict downstream management controls of the entire end-to-end refining process
  • Our global commitment to the Responsible Recycling (R2:2013) certification process
  • Adherence to all recommendations of the Basel Convention for e-Waste processing