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Wisetek offer a global service to our clients, meaning that we can offer pickups of end of life IT equipment anywhere in the world. 

Our takeout service ensures complete chain of custody from client site pickup through to final output report. 

Data security is of paramount importance, with Wisetek offering data destruction and erasure services. 

As leaders in the Circular Economy, our goal is to achieve optimal value recovery for our clients through our ReuseIT, ResellIT and RecycleIT solutions. 



A fundamental part of our takeout service is the TotalRMA platform. 

This award winning technology solution provides IT equipment vendors with a comprehensive services model that ensures all returning materials are analyzed, valued, collected, reconciled and processed efficiently at optimal cost. This maximizes the overall corporate value that can possibly be realized from returning products and parts.

This easy to use and highly secure online system enables authorised field based personnel to register on the system to provide the RMA Administration Team with returning product details. This is simplified through the use of specifically designed product menus. All collection details for logistics planning are also captured directly from the field teams.  Likewise, the RMA Administration Team can effectively communicate their instructions directly to the field.

Customer Case Study & Testimonial

 TotalRMA Portal Wisetek