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Wisetek provide the service to physically audit IT equipment at our client’s facilities in order to support IT optimization and transformation projects. The challenge faced by many of our clients when undertaking IT projects, is a lack of accurate reports representing the physical reality of the equipment on sites, particularly as many of these facilities are spread globally and may not have the IT resource to perform such audits. IT engineering, DCIM or Network Crawlers have their part to play, but for a variety of reasons a real time physical assessment is required to support accurate transformation decisions.

The Challenge

How to get an accurate report of the actual IT equipment situated in a variety of facility types globally? Either powered or decommissioned systems in lab, office or warehouse environments.


The Solution

Wisetek specialize in supporting the lifecycle of enterprise IT equipment - this includes the capability to perform physical onsite audits of any type of client IT equipment. 

Our reporting suite can be tailored to meet specific client requirements including reconciliation to Fixed Asset registers, Engineering systems and/or accounting system logs /reports etc. Customers will obtain a complete map of their IT equipment for any site in the world. Identifying all assets in various locations that pose an opportunity for improvement, and a risk of data breach. This data will be provided through a single portal, reporting on all sites in a consistent and user friendly manner. 

This data provides the input into transformation planning for customers to utilize for planning improvement projects, such as consolidation, cloud hosting, or ESM/DCIM installation/reconciliation.  Wisetek can also provide implementation support, ensuring that all equipment listed for removal is powered down and removed. Complete chain of custody is maintained for all equipment leaving a site, be that redeployment within client or release to realize equipment value. Data sanitization services can be offered onsite or offsite using our unique DataDEAD service, depending on client requirements. 

The challenge of managing a transformation project of globally dispersed IT equipment is no longer at risk due to the inaccurate starting point. Wisetek can provide our clients with a sound footing on which to develop IT improvement projects and ensure total peace of mind in dealing with data center moves and data sanitization.