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Data Security

Data security is of paramount importance in modern business. In response to this need, Wisetek provide the secure service of data sanitization to put our customer’s minds at ease. Our cutting edge technology enables us to provide worldwide Data Erasure, Disk Shredding and Data Degauss services. An increasing number of government regulations, industry standards, and internal risk mitigation policies require organizations to sanitize storage media prior to disposal or reuse. Wisetek provide a solution that allows our customers full transparency through our unique TotalRMA(TM) portal.


In order to ensure absolute chain of custody, we have deployed an advanced monitoring system to our mobile units. Each drive is scanned and reconciled against the customer provided drive list prior to destruction. This allows us to provide video evidence for each individual serial number using the Wisetek created DataDEAD system. The DataDEAD system allows you to retrieve a certificate of destruction with a date and time stamp, while using the customer’s unique batch reference number. Finally, our fleet of trucks are equipped to accommodate the secure transportation of the residual e-waste from the customer’s site.


Disk Shredding

Our state of the art vehicles have been custom designed for the sole purpose of shredding hard disk drives and other media. Our new modern vehicle, with the latest shredding equipment, allows us to shred disks at the customer site. Each of our trucks are fitted with a shredder that can destroy redundant hard drives and media to customer specifications.

Wisetek Mobile Shredding HDD SSD Data Security Wisetek Data Shredding HDD SSD Wisetek Shred Output mm Wisetek Mobile Shredding Truck


Hard Drive Erasure

The pressure on companies to implement and maintain security policies is significant, especially with the ever- increasing amount of data being kept on Hard Disk Drives. Wisetek offer a robust Erasure solution using certified software to erase sensitive data from Disks. Wisetek have a dedicated team to service Data Erasure requirements, whether it is at a Wisetek facility or at the customer site.

Wisetek Data Erasure USA EMEA Asia



Hard Drive Degauss

The data degauss machines that Wisetek use eliminate any data that is stored on a hard disk drive using a powerful magnetic field to rearrange the magnetic domains of the drive, thus removing any recorded data. Degauss machines allow the destruction of a various range of media types.


Wisetek Drive Degauss Destruction USA EMEA Asia